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John made our first-time home buying experience a great one. He was knowledgeable, easy to get a hold of, and quick with responses.  He answered our many questions with honest answers and gave us good advice.  He is clearly experienced in the field, and has his clients interest at heart.  We would definitely use John for our next home purchase.

Logan and Leanne S.

Zeeland, MI

When Nick and I thought about buying our first house, we talked to the mortgage guy at the bank where we have our checking account.  We didn’t like what he told us at first.  He told us we could not get a mortgage because our credit score was too low.  Then, he gave us John’s card and said that John could probably help. 

My mom, Nick and I talked to a couple of other lenders and realtors to decide what to do.    Hands down, we all decided that we felt comfortable with John and we chose him.  

Boy are we glad he did!   We learned stuff about mortgages that really surprised us.  We found out that most banks have pretty strict lending rules, stricter than they should be.   John’s mortgage company works with many different lenders, and he helped us get a loan to buy the house with a low down payment and a low rate too.   We didn’t pay through the nose to get a loan, we just had to deal with the right company.

While we were talking about things with John, he told us that he is also a realtor and that he could help us find the right house! I guess for technical reasons he couldn’t be the loan officer and the realtor at the same time, so he turned us over to another loan officer at his company.


As a realtor, John was great! He never pushed us into a house we could not afford, and he was just not pushy at all, ever. He was always there as a resource for us though, and answered our questions and guided us. We looked at many houses, and we love the house we finally bought.

Basically during the process we felt like John knew his stuff, whether it was about mortgages or about real estate.   We always felt like he had our best interests in mind.  He is probably not your typical realtor, but that is what we liked about him. 

Some parts of buying a house can be stressful, like getting through the mortgage process!  However, John’s company was always on it, and took care of it. If you need a realtor or a mortgage, we would recommend John.

Nick and Tara H.

Muskegon, MI

John Huizenga was a great help when buying my first home.

He is extremely knowledgeable in the home buying process along with houses listed on the market. He made himself available anytime I wanted a showing or had questions regarding a home. He was quick with providing any information I requested and with providing paperwork needed.

Overall, a great experience. I will definitely be partnering with him when I am ready to house hunt again.

Taylor P.

Jenison, MI

Looking for a home as a first time buyer can be a scary and stressful time. I don't think I would have been able to navigate though this process without my agent John.

His calm demeanor helped me stay calm and level headed. He never put pressure on me or tried to make a house seem better than it truly was. Johns experience and honesty made me feel confident for every house we walked through.

When I finally found the perfect house Johns expertise successfully navigated a very complicated short sale process and I ended up getting a great deal on the house I wanted.  

Stacey M.

Jenison, MI

John worked very hard to sell our house and find us a new one. We found him to be very low pressure, knowledgeable and answered any questions or concerns in a prompt manner.

He was very patient with us when we were uncertain of what we wanted, and encouraged us to explore other areas and options. 

With the uncertainty of today's market, we feel he sold our house and we bought our current home for a fair price. John did a fine job for us!

Jack and Deb C.

Grandville/Holland, MI

My wife and I have been planning on selling our house and moving for quite some time.  We weren't sure who to choose as a real estate agent, and we had a lot of questions about getting a mortgage.  John was referred to us through a mutual friend.

My wife and I have been blessed to have gotten to know John and work with him.  Words alone cannot express how grateful we are to have asked John to help us.

When we first called John, he helped us work out a plan to raise our credit score and to allow us to sell our house without doing a short sale.  No mortgage person I had talked to before made the financial suggestions he did, and it turned out to be great advice.  My wife and I were impressed.  

John arranged for us to get preapproved for a mortgage, and then it was time to put the house up for sale and find a new one.

When John came over on a Saturday afternoon , we were impressed by how prepared he was with all the information he had gathered in regards to the market we were trying to sell our home.  John answered every question we asked in regards to listing our home, the mortgage process, and so forth.  We were also impressed that John took whatever concerns we had to heart and made us feel comfortable. My wife and I found that John was going to be a man of his word and have great character. We felt we could trust what he said or did and had our best interests in mind.

We listed our home for sale through John, and a week or so later, we had an offer for our house. It was low so we countered. The counter was accepted and we were on our way.

Over the course of the next couple of months,things weren't going well for the buyer of our house getting their mortgage approved. To say it was stressful is an understatement. 

Even though a lot of it was out of our and  John's control, his knowledge of the industry and experience helped ease our minds and assured us that things would keep moving forward.   John showed a great deal of professionalism and patience with us at that point. With a different agent that didn't know so much about the mortgage process or had a different personality, it would have been a lot more stressful.

With John's help we found a great new home in Grandville that we love.  It was great to work with one person who knew so much about mortgages and could also sell our house and help us find our new home. We would recommend John to anyone.

Todd and Heidi R.

Grandville, MI

I am a busy guy and work some weird hours, so when I decided to find a condo I asked my sister to help me out. She had a lot of ideas, and one of her good ideas was to call John Huizenga. She had recently sold her house and John was not her agent, but the agent for the buyer of my sister's house! She was so impressed with how John handled himself in selling her house, that she told me to call him and not her listing agent to help me find the right condo.

It turns out that my sister was right, and John was a great real estate agent, but he also was a mortgage lender, which came in handy, because we hit a snag in the mortgage process.    Bottom line is that John used his lending contacts to find a place that would do a mortgage for me, which saved me the time and trouble of having to apply at several banks and wait to be approved or denied.

What I liked about John was that he never tried to talk me into buying something I didn't want to buy, or BS me. He listened as much as he talked, and always seemed like he had my best interest in mind. I would be comfortable referring John to anyone who is looking to purchase a house.

Doug C.

Grand Rapids, MI

We recently contacted John because we were thinking about moving or refinancing.  John had done two mortgages for us in the past, and we knew he was also a realtor, so we figured he would be a good guy to talk to. We were right!  

First, he listened to us to find out what our goals were, then he crunched the numbers to help us decide whether to sell our house and move, or refinance and stay where we were.   Although I am sure he would have made more money by encouraging us to sell and buy another house, John said it would meet our needs better to refinance.

We got the refinance rolling, and it closed in three weeks!  Other people we know have waited 6-8 weeks to close on their refinance.  We got a great rate and lowered our payment by quite a bit!

If you are looking to refinance and want to get great quick service then call John.

Dave and Jean B.

Jenison, MI

We are happy to recommend John Huizenga as a realtor or a mortgage expert.

John helped us purchase a duplex, and as a buyer's agent he was looking out for us the whole way. He saved us thousands of dollars by convincing us to put an offer less than we were going to. Do you think the listing agent would have encouraged us to do that? Of course not, that's why a buyer's agent is so important.

In addition, John helped us obtain a mortgage on that property and he did a great job of it.

When it came time to sell our mother's house, we listed and sold it with John. We'll be honest, we had other people telling us that we should  list it with a big company instead. We listed with John anyway. It's not the company that sells a house, it's getting it listed with a realtor you can trust and pricing the house right. At least that is what John told us and we trusted him. He was right about that too. 

Then, when my son and his wife decided to buy a house, they called John too, and found a home they loved and got the best mortgage for them and were really happy with his service. 


Just recently, my grandson's girlfriend is using John to find a house as well, because we knew John would be honest and do the right thing as her buyers agent. 

John isn't what you'd expect a real estate agent to be, and that's what we like about him. He's not a slap you on the back, joke telling, pushy kind of guy that people think of when they think of salesmen. He knows his stuff, he's friendly, professional, and he will always shoot straight with you.

He is always in your corner whether you are buying or selling a house.

John and Linda R.

Jenison, MI

We had a great experience with John while looking for a home. With a lot of patience, John took us through many homes. There was a lot of helpful suggestions and friendly advice that helped us find the home that fit.

When we finally found the home we wanted, John helped us find a loan that fit our financial needs. We never felt we were buying into anything we couldn't handle. John got us into a fixed interest rate mortgage with no balloon payments or any gimmicks that give first home buyers the risk of foreclosure.

Over all, my wife and I were very impressed with the service we were given. We have a great deal of respect for John because of his honesty and hard work that helped us get into a home that we could be financially comfortable with.

John and Amanda R.

Jenison, MI

We really enjoyed working with John as we refinanced our loan. He made the process go really smooth, and he knows his stuff.  He was honest with us and gave us really good advice that saved us a lot of time and money.

A couple of years later, interest rates came down and John took the time to call us and let us know that we could save money  by refinancing our loan again. This time there was no appraisal cost, and he kept the closing costs down and we got a great rate.

My wife and I thought it was great that John was looking out for us.  If we ever need a mortgage again, or if anyone asks if we 'know a good mortgage guy', we will call John for sure.

Scott and Lori W.

Wyoming, MI

Thank you for what you did for me and my son and his family.  

We were all living in a rental house, which was our 3rd one in a year because of crazy landlords and weird  situations. I had never had a house of my own, even though I am a Grandma!

I was talking to my friend about  having to move into new rental houses so often, and she told me about you, and  how you helped her and her mom get a house. I am glad she did, because we are very happy now to have our own house.

You listened to us and helped us find what we wanted and what met our needs. You knew what you were talking about on mortgages and on houses.

It took a long time, and it wasn't  easy. You warned us though and you worked hard and stuck with it as we bought a house for sale on a 'short sale'. You never gave up, and you helped us to never give up on it either.

I know many short sales don't close, but ours did. Now we got a great deal on a house in the  country, we bought it for 15,000 less than it appraised for, and we put zero down payment.

We are really happy with all the work you did to get it done.

Now, we will be busy fixing up OUR  house and will enjoy not having a crazy landlord calling us and bugging us  all the time. Thank you very much John.

Debbie O.

Hopkins, MI

As Jer and I started thinking about buying a house, we knew we didn't want some realtor hounding or pressuring us. So, we started looking at houses through a service called

That's how we met John. He started sending us listings of houses in our area and our price range, and didn't pressure us at all.

 When I started emailing him questions, I soon figured out that he knew his stuff and was someone I could trust to help us out. So, we decided to have him get us a mortgage and help us find the right house. He is a mortgage and real estate expert, and I was right to trust him.

He got our mortgage approved on an FHA loan with $100 down payment for the foreclosed house we bought. He also locked us in on an amazing fixed rate! What a deal!

He gave us good advice and helped us find the right house for our family, and we got a great deal on a foreclosed house.

I'll be honest, the mortgage process didn't go smoothly all the time. But John was working hard for us and made it right in the end. There were roadblocks set up for us by the mortgage company and the seller, and he helped us get around them. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

John works hard, he's honest and he knows what he is doing. He always got back to us quickly when we had a question, and was there for his honest opinion if we needed it. He was assertive in getting the job done for us, but was never pushy or aggressive, like some realtors and mortgage people are.

If you are looking for a realtor, or a mortgage lender, I would recommend John.

Our family gained a house we love, and a friend!

Jessica DH.

Hudsonville, MI

We recently had John Huizenga act as our realtor but ended up being our mortgage lender.

We had been trying to decide what was going to be best for our family of five and John was extremely helpful, attentive and courteous throughout the process.

As we tried to look for  a new home to best suit our needs, John would be in constant contact with us and would set up a showing at a moment’s notice. He worked many weekends and never minded the fact that we brought our three rambunctious boys. He was very knowledgeable of the homes we were looking at, and never pressured us in to making a hasty decision. He gained our trust very quickly based upon his actions.

As our home search came up empty, he helped us refinance our loan so we could build a much needed addition on to our current home. It was a great process to go through with John and he made sure that we always knew what was going on with our loan.

We would recommend Mr. Huizenga for your home loans and realty needs.

Jon and Lisa T.

Grandville, MI


We cannot thank you enough for the amazing FAST service you provided when refinancing our home. 

Like most people, we live very busy lives and were not looking forward to the refinancing process, but you made the process extremely fast, easy & Pain Free!

We cannot thank you enough for going out of your way, even coming to our home on a Friday night to have various documents signed because we had to work late.

Overall, we cannot thank you enough for everything, we appreciate all of your HARD work and extraordinary personal attention so very much!

Thank you and see you soon! Go Eagles! 

Todd and Stacey A.

(Hudsonville Lacrosse Parents)



Thank you for all your help in helping Jesse and Heather locate a home, and in obtaining a loan for the purchase. The process moved along with no surprises and closed on schedule. 


Thanks again.

Tom T.

Jenison/Grandville, MI

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