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4 Advantages to Using a Local Mortgage Lender or Realtor

Having the right realtor or mortgage lender can make or break your experience. Having someone who is knowledgeable about the market that you are interested in will not only amplify your chances of finding the right home or mortgage; but will also save you stress and time.


Knowledge of the Local Area

First and most importantly is to find someone who is an expert in the area. Your realtor should be able to speak to the current market trends in the area, along with giving insight on the nearby schools, neighborhoods, and amenities. This will help you gain a more thorough idea of the home you'll be investing in.


Network of Local Experts

Having a realtor or mortgage lender who has established a local network will provide you with access to services that you might not get when utilizing a big bank. Just as you've spent time growing relationships with your local community, we've grown valuable relationships with local real estate agents, title companies and more.

Homes & Loans of West MI has served Michigan for over two decades and built valuable local relationships with various support services.


Greater Flexibility to Loan

Often times local mortgage lenders will approve mortgages that big banks are unable to. This is simply because banks have strict guidelines due to the large number of loan applications they process, so they are less likely to comply to your specific needs.

At Homes & Loans of West MI, we are committed to 


Mortgage and Home Closing On-Time and Locally

By having a local mortgage lender or realtor, you won't have to risk a slow closing process. We have the authority as a small business to approve your mortgage quickly and most efficiently with your best interest in mind.

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